Sunday, February 1, 2015

Two Confessions

Last night, after a full day of grocery shopping for the cleanse, Kate and I went to PCC for a couple items we forgot and her beloved celery. Also at PCC are cookies. Delicious, vegan cookies. I'm going to blame Kate with the mentioning of the cookies earlier in the day, and I just couldn't get it out of my head. It is of note that they do, in fact, have a refined sugar free (minus the chocolate chips, but who's counting) cookie, but it is made with chickpeas and very much the type of "cookie" I would make at home. Not what I was craving. Finally, after I wouldn't shut up about it, Kate just told me to get my stupid cookie and I could just pretend the time between January and February didn't exist. So I ate that vegan happy animal chocolate chip cookie and savored that darn flavor, because it's going to be forever before I have something that good again.

Then, this morning (Happy February!) I decided to make toast for breakfast since I want to leave as little non cleanse friendly food as possible in the freezer. I put some almond butter on it, and without thinking started to put some cinnamon honey on it. Luckily I stopped myself, but there was still a little on there! I think I keep forgetting it's February with the cleanse starting tomorrow and everything. Anyways, I'm hoping to see some big changes this month! 

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