Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cleanse Week 1 Day 2

This morning I woke up, drank the morning tonic, and then studied for a while before going to Cycle Fit. It definitely pushed me right back in to working out! I didn't feel too out of shape but it ran 10 minutes late and my legs were tired when I had to rush and bike to work after guzzling my smoothie. It was the same one as yesterday, and one of my favorites of the whole cleanse.

On my way to school I had an apple and almond butter, and then it was exam time. For some reason this material was much harder for me to remember. Oh well, it's over, I'm excited for tomorrow because it's bones time and I already took a whole class on bones! I drank some dandelion root tea with cashew milk after I was done with my test before we started class again. Then I had to go to a super awkward manager meeting at a restaurant. I ate a clementine on the way because I wasn't going to order anything. After the meeting I had some spinach, quinoa, chickpeas, salsa and cherry tomatoes, with a few salted almonds sprinkled on top for flavor and crunch. Blueberries were dessert.

After I taught my classes I had another clementine and some almonds, then biked home and made and tasted almond butter, and then I made our smoothies for tomorrow and ate some slices of the extra cucumber with beet hummus. Then I made the spiced almond milk with some of my almond butter blended in so it was creamy and frothy! Yum. I did some yoga which was cut short when J got home, and I knew she needed to debrief from the day. So I went downstairs and we talked about life. As much as I love working with kids, some of the management and politics going on right now are really stressful, especially for J who is an actual manager.

Anyways, that was my boring day with no pictures. I'll try to remember tomorrow. 

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