Monday, February 23, 2015

Cleanse Recap

Well, it's over. I greatly enjoyed a mug of coffee this morning and a chocolate coconut Larabar, my new version of a candy bar. I did the cleanse without cheating. Well, I went off the meal plan a lot but I stayed within the guidelines for each week. Sunday I was craving chocolate and caffeine something crazy, but for the most part it wasn't that bad.
I did like prepping with Kate. It forced me to hang out with her on Saturdays, when I would have otherwise probably hid in my room after my mentally exhausting mornings when I have to do a million microbiology labs. Kate often made all the lists and organized recipes and everything when I was at work, which made me feel a little guilty but I also realize it's probably harder for Kate to wait for me to do half the work than for her to just do everything. I think we did pretty well keeping the actual prep work even, except one Sunday when I got home and was ready to prep and Kate had done everything. We approach things differently (like when I said we should get a big package of spinach because it was cheaper, we needed to use it all, and they don't have the big package of kale and the greens are all interchangeable and Kate looked at me and said, "sometimes I like to follow the rules!" She loves rules. I do what I can to get around rules while still technically following them.) The smoothie making was pretty evenly split as well when it was possible. Oh, and I only lost a grand total of 3 lbs. Which I could easily gain back in a day, but hopefully it will keep going in the right direction.

And what's next? Well we still have another week with no sugar, and I'm going to try to make it an occasional treat after that and not make desserts at home. Even "healthy" desserts I tend to go a little overboard on.
I occasionally follow this blog about minimalism, and the other day I was reading about one of the guy's views on his own diet and health. He practices intermittent fasting, which I think is probably a good idea in general for some people. I had also just read an article about fasted exercise, and I guess I've known all along that I feel better working out on an empty stomach. This isn't for everyone, but I haven't technically given anything up for lent yet and I think this would make me take another look at my eating habits. He does say snacks are evil, which is the opposite of what my blerch fridge magnet says. This isn't necessarily conducive to my work schedule, but I think it will be useful to think twice before I reach for a snack.

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