Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Green Smoothie Day 8

Today's smoothie was kind of a weird idea, but I liked it. It was orange, lemon, banana, spinach and almond milk. I wasn't sure about the lemon juice almond milk combo, but it worked.

Jordan's favorite smoothie was day 6. I'm sitting next to her and I asked her.

Now she thinks she's hearing sounds upstairs and there's no one up there so it's making us nervous. Gotta go check it out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Green Smoothie Day 7

I had a weirdly rushed morning today, and I'm not really sure how that happened. I woke up early and before I knew it it was time to go! So my smoothie was rushed and there were still frozen avocado chunks in it. Good thing I don't care. And then I put most of it in a big jar so I would have 2 servings, and Jordan got mad because apparently she's not done... So  just made her another one later with extra banana and spinach, since I ran out of mango which was the other ingredient.

I only have one class with one child Tuesday mornings, so I came home and tried unsuccessfully to fix my phone. But I did cut up a lot of veggies I've been avoiding eating because they were too much effort and tried to roast a bunch of other veggies but I had to go before they were done. I forgot the manager meeting was at a restaurant today, so that kind of ruined my day of eating well. I got a giant burrito with grilled veggies and no beans, which I thought was the point of the burrito. It probably wasn't that bad for you but I ate it all. And then coaching was fun. Good thing I'm going to go play gymnastics!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Green Smoothies Day 6

Today was still my weekend, so I stayed in bed extra long and then had cake for breakfast. Or lunch. Whatever, it was kind of all the same meal. So I made my smoothie for an afternoon snack instead. It was pretty good, with strawberries, pineapple, carrot, coconut water, and spinach. Jordan said it was her favorite one yet, but she doesn't want to do it anymore because she hasn't lost 5 lbs. Me neither, so now I can drink the extra smoothie myself and life that 2 smoothie life. I should maybe not eat cake for meals if that is my goal...

I was pretty lazy today, but I did finish Season 2 of Orange is the New Black and do a lot of school work. I'm going back to school! I'm taking two online classes, and it's kind of weird. I'm taking Nutrition and Lifespan Psychology, so two things that interest me and I already have some knowledge on. I like learning but my free time is much busier now!

There has been no progress on the broken phone, except I bought a screw driver. Hopefully I'll have an update tomorrow. It was very warm here today and I went on a long walk and ended up at Fred Meyer in a different neighborhood, which is always fun. I lead an exciting life.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Green Smoothie Challenge Day 5

Happy Weekend! I went on my first run by myself in a while today, and it was nice. I went nice and slow and it was a beautiful day to be running through the woods in the park not to far from where I live. Today's smoothie was supposed to be peaches and blueberries, but it said you could substitute mango for the peach. So I just used peach and mango. It tasted a little weird because the frozen peaches I had were who knows how old and probably a little freezer burned, but it was ok. I made Jordan's smoothie when she got home from work. She was very upset about missing it, which surprised me a little bit. I made hers with strawberries and mango and there was a little extra I drank, and I thought it tasted much better.

I also sought professional help and inquired about my phone, and was just told I need a new one. Too bad my warranty just ran out. I'm going to try some sketchy youtube solutions and see if anything happens first, and if not I'll have to find a solution. My savings have been slowly dwindling in the last several months but what can you do.

To end on a good note, I made a cake! Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Green Smoothie Day 4

Today's smoothie included green tea, blueberries, raspberries (I used mixed berries) and spinach. I actually really liked it! I used a blueberry green tea and it was a nice pick-me-up at work. I don't know if Jordan drank hers because I left for work before she was awake.

After my too many preschool classes, we had the first Star League meet of the season! And I have a team this year. I was so proud of my girls! Except I lost my voice which was super fun. We got 4th place (out of 4) and they were very upset but they did much better than I expected them to.

My phone also broke, just after it was finally working as a phone again, so I need to figure that out. But I did get this picture with my iPod!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Green Smoothie Challenge Day 3

Today's smoothie tasted like a strawberry limeade from Sonic. Except more like fruit and less like sugar. Sometimes I miss the days of being able to go to Sonic and not caring about its affects on my body, the environment, society, etc. Not like there are any Sonics in the PNW anyway. I'm not sure how Jordan felt about it. She's not so into tart things I guess. But she had a rough day so I guess it will always be a mystery, since we had more important matters to discuss in the 30 minutes we were both home together all day. I also ate like crap all afternoon and finished the night with some raw cookie dough leftover from Jordan's birthday last week, so my commitment to health in October has already failed. Ah, well. At least I ate a smoothie along with the crap.

In other news, happy Tag der deutschen Einheit!!! (German Unity Day, for you English speakers)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Green Smoothie Day 2

Today's smoothie was chocolate cherry. Which I usually love, but wasn't so great today. I think I needed more banana and less berries. I was also using mixed berries that include cherries instead of just cherries, so maybe that was it out maybe I just needed more cocoa powder.
And then I ate a (vegan) donut after so it probably cancelled out. It was very cold again. But warm in the afternoon for the last farmer's market! It will be sad to have to buy all grocery store produce again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Day Challenge

So, Kate forced me to do this 31 day challenge in October. You blog every day about one subject for the whole month. I'm also doing the Simple Green Smoothies challenge, and making my roommate Jordan drink them too. This is the first time I'm actually following the recipe. Today's smoothie was spinach, banana and berries. It was good but very cold. Have I mentioned how cold our house is getting?
It has been beautiful Fall weather around here lately, with only a few rainy days. We'll see how long that lasts, I think the rain is coming next week.