Friday, February 13, 2015

The Voice

These really have not been a great two weeks for non sugar eaters at work! A giant bowl of chocolate was in the staff room this morning. Our head registrar isn't eating sugar either, and she said she couldn't even keep her food in the fridge anymore because she hates having to walk past the sugar. So she half joked that she wants to get her own microwave up by her desk! We shared the struggle this morning.

Work was fine, but I'm getting sick (no I'm not! I can't afford to!) and everything just felt harder. I went to the grocery store on my break because we needed apples, and I had a moment. The voice in my head, the inner critic, the committee that sits up there and tries to sabotage you, starting going off. I'm actually listening to a book right now that discusses it, and she calls it The Voice. Anyways, it was saying, "why are you even doing this?" "you don't even feel any better" "this is pointless" "you haven't even lost any weight and have experienced zero benefits" "I don't even care about being healthy it doesn't even matter, just quit" and so on, and so on. It was annoying. Maybe something about Valentine's Day set it off, but it's not really an important holiday to me. Anyways, I got a coconut Larabar, which is not technically cleanse friendly but also not technically not, and definitely a lesser evil than pretty much anything else I could have gotten. I also got almond butter and ate it with one of the apples. 

Hopefully I'll be feeling less tired and emotionally worn down tomorrow. Resisting that voice takes work.

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