Thursday, November 29, 2012

Urlaub im Coyboystaat Texas

This was in the Hannover newspaper a little while ago.

Translation, courtesy of google translate:

Holidays in the State of Texas Cowboy

By Felix Harbart | 
Strong case for a trip to Texas, cowboys, live music and Formula 1 - but especially the Texans.
Occupation of "Trick Roper" Kevin swinging a lasso.
Occupation of "Trick Roper" Kevin swinging a lasso.
© Harbart /

 . Cowboy be used to easily. A few years ago they wanted to revive the traditional horse trek, the leisure Cowboys of Bandera, Texas. The old route to Dodge City riding along again, as did the ancestors. But at the border with Oklahoma did not allow to pass it on the absence of transport security measures, police said, and the Texas Tradition Keepers the fun began to pass away.Then turned on the Texas governor, was brought to flashing lights on the hindquarters of the horse, and it could go further. As has been seen, they're talking about today are reluctant to Bandera. When she got home, decided the Bandera Boys, that was the last memory until further ride to Dodge City.
You could be in the 975-soul village in Central Texas Bandera lamenting the fact that hardly anyone makes a living by driving the cattle as before. That would be so not American, and certainly not Texan. The times have changed. Today the little Bandera living in good part on tourism, from farms have become Lodges. Because they bring the tourists in the traditional line dance, give riding lessons, and for the local color comes by in the evening Kevin Fitzpatrick. Whose official job title is "Trick Roper," which can be translated most closely with art roper. Then Kevin can also cracked his whip and is Texan through and through.
In the U.S., travel plans has mostly German tourists Texas plays a minor role.Here, the Cowboy State has to offer fans of the American way of life a lot - including much, other than the hut├╝berschatteten stereotype that they maintain in Bandera so painfully. Especially the metropolis s├╝dtexanische San Antonio and Austin, the capital have moody, temperamental and extremely liberal sites that would hardly suspect Europeans in Texas. There are so popular with tourists for cheap shopping options, such as the giant Outlet Center in San Marcos. And then there are the Texans themselves, which alone are worth the trip across the Atlantic, when you delve into them.
Mickey Henges for example, was formerly in the military in Rammstein. Exactly until his first heart attack Meanwhile, he has survived six of them, and after all, the last one was already five years ago, says Mickey. Now he is retired and incidentally leads tourists through the four missions of San Antonio. In the 18thCentury Franciscan monks built this fort in order to evangelize the local Indian tribes, and to draw on the side of the Spanish settlers.
Mickey comes soon sweat when he sharpens so with sweeping gestures by the Mission Espada. He told alternately by the Indians in the fort, which is one day by abuse of certain herbs from time to time adopted the "La La Land", and his military service in Rammstein, which ended after heart attack number one military hospital in Landstuhl. Mickey Henges is pleased when he is in charge of German tourists, because they know what he is talking about when he talks about German beer and highways.
His home town of San Antonio is a real gem among the major U.S. cities. In the South Texas city, the city planners have been able to come to the small San Antonio a formative function monitored. In the City of the metropolis, they have created small, artificial side arms and into her abode established a thriving business and catering area. So does San Antonio wonderfully open walk. A property that for U.S. cities is not necessarily typical.
While San Antonio is based on his Mexican heritage, the capital of Austin sees as the cool, slightly rebellious, almost untexanische under Texas' cities. She has long since given with typical American self-confidence the nickname "Live Music Capital", the live music capital. On key rings and bottle openers Austin advertises for its nightlife, which, very concentrated, on the streets of the city comes up with fresh local for local music struck up. In about 200 mostly rustic bars and pubs can be during the season every night of the week easily partying until the wee hours.Surprisingly complex reveals the brand new Texas State Museum and finally the recently built Formula 1 circuit, the experienced this weekend the first race (see box).
In Bandera, Texas, a day goes with riding, line dancing and hearty food to an end.Before the "Bandera Tavern" is a sign that the 50th Leslie announces a birthday.Whoever comes is invited. Bandera may also accommodate limited the opportunity for cowherds, here in the village pub, they still wear hat, boots and plaid shirt, and they would act in disguise, they would not do it.
Inside farmer told Jeannie, why their town is so special: "We are such a small community that is necessarily a community forms. If someone has a problem, he can be sure that the other breach. Whether your house burned down or your well is dry. "
Then Leslie comes by dancing, and there's an end with a chat. Now on the heels of Jeannie to line dance, in Bandera, Texas, where they tie their horses to the rear turn signals to the good old times' sake.
Formula 1 debut
Al Mays spreads his arms, "this is not just a race." Mays works in the advertising department of the "Circuit of the Americas" in Austin, the youngest member of the racing calendar of Formula? 1st This weekend, it hosts the first race. The good 30-minute drive southeast of the town of Austin track has become just finished.And not only Formula 1 should be here on the road. Soon to follow the Moto GP riders, and they can not imagine much more: On the "Grand Plaza" to some 30 000 spectators to celebrate concerts, they want to get a big tennis tournament on the line, and otherwise is just simply? everything. "We can add here and football fields karting," says Mays.
So hope the investors $ 400 million einzuspielen quickly, they have put in the route. Texas expected to result in which up to 1.2 million visitors a year, 300 permanent jobs and 1,500 dollars, which every visitor will spend on average from out of state. 4.6 days the visitors should remain in the area. 120,000 spectators find the "United States Grand Prix," Formula 1 at the track course. Furthermore, to the operators of meeting rooms, medical facilities for further training of doctors and routes for driver training of police officers.
So can go wrong at the major investment. "No," said Al Mays. "It's a win, win, win -. For everybody" The future will tell.
Flight to Austin or San Antonio, for example, American Airlines via Frankfurt / Main and Dallas. Next to the car. After Bandera there are, with a stop at the outlet mall in San Marcos, Austin made ​​a good three hours, of Bandera San Antonio is some drive an hour.
. in Austin close to the city about the Omni Austin Hotel and Radisson Inn and Suites, San Antonio, for example, at the Hotel Contessa right on the RiverwalkBandera there are several guest ranches as the "Flying L Ranch".