Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sun's Out Smoothies Out

Happy Sunday!
It's sunny in Seattle today! After TRX Kate and I made our smoothies and drank them outside. Then I ran down to Greenlake, around the lake, and back. It was so crowded! I saw someone we went to college with as well, which was fun. We just waved to each other as we passed.
I came home and have been doing fun things like filing my taxes and homework. And buying tickets to L.A. for my nonexistent spring break to see 3 of my best friends from college!
I ate my leftovers from Thrive for lunch and made some coconut energy balls for dessert. I'm going to continue doing productive things wearing sweats and sitting in my bed. Clearly I am only somewhat ready to be a real adult. So there you go, a typical Sunday in my life.

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