Sunday, January 18, 2015

Over halfway through!

Today, I woke up and went for a run in rainy, windy weather. I was listening to a recent podcast from No Meat Athlete. I've been following these guys for a while, so I already know their stories, but they were talking about how they first became vegetarian and vegan and got into running, and it really inspired me. It wasn't really the intention, but it just really got me thinking about all the things I've started and have quit when they get too hard. I tried going vegan several times before I finally managed to do it for 6 months a year ago, and even then there were some slip ups. I've tried to do the cleanse 4 times now and have never finished the last week. And now this sugar challenge. I have slipped up a couple times. I was subbing at work yesterday because Jordan was really sick, and I was craving all the things I don't even like. Like gross cookies, and the super sweet cake with lots of frosting, and pizza. Even the pizza with meat looked and smelled good to me. I had been undecided about how I wanted to approach my veganism, but I decided today that I'm all in. I've eaten a little cheese and yogurt in the past couple weeks so that has to stop. There is an asterisk to me veganism though, and that's if someone makes me food or I'm at a restaurant, I'll just do my best. So I guess I'm a fake vegan still, but I think it will help me out. I'm also going to get back to logging my food intake tomorrow to make sure I'm not eating too much sugar or calories, even if they come from dates and almonds. Unlike Kate, I'm trying to lose weight here.
We did take a long walk and go to a bar today to watch the Seahawks play the Packers, and we were kind of excited when the Packers were doing so well. I like the Seahawks, but people around here have gotten really big heads about it and a little humbling would do them good. But as soon as we got there Seattle scored 15 points in 44 seconds, and then some more. It's probably just because we're their good luck charm, clearly. Kate did ask about added sugar is one of their drinks, which made it off the table for us. But we finally asked about something! We did have sweet potato fries with garlic aioli, which I guess is not vegan, but that hardly counts. I'll start tomorrow. Monday sounds like a good day to start.

Sorry my posts have been long and boring! I wish Kate would just write down everything I tell her about sugar. It's much more entertaining. Mostly about how raisins are lame compared to chocolate chips. We were talking about how this no refined sugar thing has been easy, except when it's really hard. Like when a roommate makes cookies or you want a donut and you're right outside Mighty-O's.

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