Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Sugar Day 14

Besides the one day last week where I had some moments and ate the last of some dark chocolate chips I had, no sugar hasn't really been a problem. There have been a couple times, like when I wanted an almond milk latte from the student center where I'm taking classes, where it stopped me from getting something I wanted. But I was perfectly content with my drip coffee, and it's saved me from getting some not so great for me things when I wasn't even hungry. I have still been eating treats, which probably counteracts some of the no sugar eating benefits. Dates and maple syrup and honey are still sugar even if they're unrefined. I made some energy balls over the weekend to eat for snacks this week and Kate and I finished them before Monday. And I made some sweet potato brownies today, which had kind of a weird texture and tasted pretty much like everything we make now. Cacao and dates and whatever we put with it, which was sweet potato today. I think the sweet potato date mixture might have been better by themselves... Anyways, some days I've been eating really well and some days not so well. But it happens regardless of sugar.

My main dilemma now is deciding what to do when my punches run out at Tricycle Fitness, the group fitness class right by our house. I really love it there, and would go to a lot of classes, but I also haven't gotten to a stressful part of school and maybe when I'm in the middle of exams I won't go enough to make a monthly membership worth it. Then there's the fact that I just paid approximately $1 million dollars for my tuition and textbooks, which would get me well over a year of unlimited membership at Tricycle. While it's a very comparable price to similar services, it's not cheap to join. Plus I have a running group I try to go to regularly and adult gym available to me for free. But I just like all the classes at Tricycle! Yes I could get enough exercise without going there every day but I really want to get back in super good shape and feel like an athlete again. I'm really getting excited about working out these days but it's not the same when I do it myself. I'm not so good at pushing myself. So that's what's happening.

We're finally getting done with the basic cell biology and chemistry part of my Anatomy and Physiology class, so after our exam on Tuesday I'm excited to start making tissue out of those cells! I love science. I've missed it.

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