Friday, May 31, 2013


safety first Greta

what, she has to know all the words

movie night!


  1. Are the twins best friends? Do they have their own twin language?

  2. sometimes I'm sure they do. If was funny, before they could really talk and they would refuse to take a nap, I would listen to the baby phone and they would crack each other up saying nonsense. They're best friends when they're making trouble, but they've been veery me oriented/everything's mine/super jealous lately. Especially Philippa. Like she'll start freaking out and screaming if you put something on your bread that she doesn't want, and it's just like chill out kid. This isn't even for you. They hurt each other a lot too for no reason.

  3. That's the terrible two's for ya. That's funny though. I love when those kids are laughing their faces off