Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hannover Halbmarathon


I survived the half marathon! It was really sunny and hot. Well, not hot compared to some weather I've run in but way hotter than anything I've been running in since September. I didn't know what was going on and started near the back of the 6,000 participants, instead of where the 2 hour pacer was. Which meant it took me 7 minutes to start.

with my friends Gerard and Yazemin
I felt pretty good for the whole race. Actually, the first 5k were kind of hard compared to the rest, but then I got into a rhythm. There were a couple miles where I felt great and had to make myself slow down a little because I knew I would die otherwise. At km 18 there were also people giving out beer...what. Welcome to Germany.

official final time: 1:59:06
I forgot to stop my watch for 15 seconds.

My wonderful host family made it and was 2km from the end, which is where I was really starting to feel tired! And it was so mean - you could see the finish from there, and then you had to turn right before it and do another loop. The last mile, or really the last kilometer was a struggle, but I was able to finish the last 400m pretty strong and I knew if I didn't slow down too much I would make my goal of finishing under 2 hours.

It's still kind of crazy to me that I can and want to run a half marathon! It's just a long Sunday run for a lot of people I know, but 2 years ago, I never really felt the need to run more than a 5k. Then I did xc, and spent too much time hanging out with runners. Look what they've done to me.

It was a fun, flat race and I'm so glad I got to do it. But I didn't get a free shirt, and lets be real, that's the only actual reason to do a race.

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