Saturday, February 5, 2011

Molasses Cookies for the Co-op!

I make desserts on Fridays for the dining co-op I'm in on campus. We each have to do 3 hours a week of work for 20 of us to eat dinner on week nights.  So I'm signed up to make bread once a week and dessert once a week.  I needed something fairly easy and quick to do on Friday, and something I could easily make a lot of because we had guests (from the Real Food Challenge - check out their website!)

So I decided to make one of my favorite desserts, molasses cookies.  I have a tried and trusted recipe my family uses at home, but I decided to trust Pioneer Woman and use her recipe.  Plus, I had already bugged my mom to send me several bread recipes.  For the most part, I followed the recipe, so I won't copy it. I realized we didn't have shortening or butter, so I used vegetable oil. I also used fresh ginger instead of ground.  It was a good recipe, and I like the texture - I love the taste of the recipe I normally use, but the cookies can turn out flat. I didn't take pictures, either, but they actually looked just like this!

I doubled the recipe so I had enough to share a few with some friends who aren't in the co-op. And don't worry, there was plenty of dough for me to sample! We had a wonderful Friday dinner!

check out the co-op blog here, and our facebook page!

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