Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beginning

I'm starting this blog to document my experiences while I study abroad in India and keep in touch with family and friends.
I decided to write my first post about an amazing experience I just had in New Mexico working on a goat farm. I wanted to find a farm to work on this summer, and then one of my best friends Lacey, who worked on the farm last Fall, decided to go back and invited me to visit. My original plan was to go for 3 weeks, but because it is so hard to get there especially when it's raining, I ended up only staying about 2. I learned so much while I was there. Goats are the most amazing animals, and they are always smiling at you. They love to rub their heads up against you and get attention!

One of the most amazing experiences I had while I was there was when I went hiking with the goats one day. They are completely free range, and since they live in the middle of nowhere they can really go anywhere. They walk several hours a day while they are eating. I felt so out of shape! I had to use my hands to help me climb most of the time, I almost slipped down a steep slope, and I had to crawl through small spaces that the goats had no problem squeezing through! Luckily, the guard dogs were there for me. Utah made sure I wasn't left behind, even when I got cactus in my shoe.

I helped milk the goats almost every morning, and then there was always a delicious breakfast waiting. I usually helped maintain the gardens or make cheese the rest of the day, but we had plenty of free time too. The hiking and views are amazing, but there is nobody around so it is easy to get lost! I climbed Pyramid Mountain, which is near the farm, and I even found a missing baby goat! He was reluctant to come with me, but soon he realized I could take him home and we were calling back and forth so he could find his way.

9 baby pigs were born in the middle of the night while I was there! But one goat, Zippity-Doo-Dah, got sick and died. I also got to go to Pie Town and eat some delicious (blueberry) pie!
I had an amazing time at CoonRidge and I am so glad I was able to experience it. I also felt so lucky to be able to spend time with Lacey, because our paths have not crossed much since high school. Who knows when I will get to see her again. I am currently packing and getting everything ready for a week long visit in Germany, and then three months in India! The time is flying by!
Me with baby Already! and her new snazzy weaning bit! The babies like to climb in their feeder, we don't keep her in a cage.

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