Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Home again but still a bum

I was very aware of budgeting when I was traveling. I even kept track of every little thing I bought for a while, before I decided that was too stressful and unnecessary. It worked pretty well for me to have a daily target budget, but mostly keep track of how much cash I was taking out how often. Because I almost never used credit cards, this worked pretty well. I also knew when it was time to start planning my way home so I wouldn't be left with nothing. I softened the blow of reverse culture shock by going to Europe for a month on my way home and seeing friends and family while I was there. And I truly felt ready to come home.
But there were so many things I wasn't ready for. I've been back in the U.S. for 4 months but I only stopped living out of a suitcase less than 3 weeks ago. I hung around Seattle for a few weeks when I got back, finishing up grad school applications and trying to make decisions about my life. Finally I decided I needed to get off the basement floor of the house I used to live in, and flew back to Austin to become an adult who lives with their parents. It was a pretty relaxing 7 weeks, hanging with my cats and doing yoga everyday and taking a road trip up to SoIll for my best Hannah's wedding. But I was still in this state of limbo, trying to choose where my life would lead me next. I knew I wanted to get my MPH, but the question was where - uproot my life again and move back to Germany, or uproot my life and move back to Seattle?
So here I am, back in Seattle, and I haven't worked a consistent full time job since June 2015. I started the MPH program at Bastyr University at the end of September, and since I missed the start date for the German university, I guess I'm staying. It's been so much harder than I thought it would be to find a place to live and a job and have some semblance of a normal schedule. I didn't budget for my post-travel nomad life! It seems like things might finally be coming together, but this is still probably the most unsure I've felt about what I'm doing with my life. But don't worry, I'm sure my getting another degree in public health will get me a great public service job and I'll be able to pay off my loans no problem and I'll never have to worry about anything again. Right?
Little old lady baby Millie, where I found her when I got home to Austin. She was so excited to see me after 2 years!!
Anyway, moral of the story is whenever I look at my bank account I feel like crying. I promise I will finish posting about my travels! Someday. It will happen.

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