Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beat the Blerch

You guys. I did something crazy. I signed up for a marathon even though I haven't run in months. I went on my first training run yesterday (a long run - 3 miles!) and I didn't die. I think I'm going to have to run for time or map out my routes ahead of time for a while, because if I run with my GPS watch I'll be too embarrassed of how slow I am.

I'm very excited about this race though, because my friend Claire whom I've been friends with since 6th grade and her baby boy are coming! She's going to run the 10k. And it's the Beat the Blerch run, which should be a blast! The whole event started with the of a Seattle based blogger, The Oatmeal, who wrote comics about running and life that eventually became a book and everyone loves him. He writes about the blerch instead of the wall distance runners talk about.

I highly suggest you read the rest here

They have cake and nutella sandwiches and grape drink (from another one of his comics about running) and blerches that chase you and tell you to slow down and quit and couches along the way for you to rest, and it's on a trail along the Snoqualmie River so you get all the fun of a trail race without having to run up a friggin mountain. It should be fun!!

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