Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's November!

So I was blogging every day, and then gymnastics happened, and then I quit. But I had a green smoothie almost every day! I think I missed two when I just wasn't home or didn't have enough food.
But for November, I'm doing TWO challenges. I know, overachiever. I'm doing the Fresh Start 21 Cleanse again, and I'm also going to run at least a mile every day. I've never made it the full 3 weeks on the cleanse so that's my goal. I told all my roommates so hopefully they won't try too hard to tempt me with delicious treats. I already missed yesterday's run (I was at a gymnastics meet all day) but I ran 9 miles today so it averages out. I'll just have to run on December 1st too.
Hers to November challenges!

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