Monday, December 9, 2013

A Very Seattle Weekend

I didn't really eat much of my own food this weekend. Saturday, I just had coffee with almond mild before work and trail mix on my way home. I ate a clementine and some other snacky foods on my way out the door to meet Christiaan Kroesen, a family friend from when I lived in Germany 10 years ago. We met at the flagship REI store, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle. It's so fun. It's like a giant treehouse with trails and a super cool rock wall and fireplace which included a campfire concert on Saturday.

I didn't buy anything, but I sure did look! I came close to buying some chacos for $20 from the basement which are all the returns. And some hiking shoes but they were 1/2 size too big.

Anyways. Then we walked around and happened upon Top Pot Donuts. I got a pumpkin donut, which is apparently famous because Obama ate it when he was there.

We had already ruined out dinner, but then we went to Wild Ginger and ate lots of asian fusion food.

It was pretty good. I ate a scallop. I'm not really sure why people love them so much. It just tasted like seafood. We finished with some ginger ice cream. 

Sunday, My Dad's cousin Nancy picked me up so we could get our copies of my aunt's book that just came out (check it out at!)

Then she took me, her teenage daughter and their host student for the weekend to downtown Seattle. We went to the flagship Nordstrom, up the Space Needle, and to Pike Place Market. It was my first time up the needle! 
downtown, Mt. Ranier, Puget Sound
It was a nice day! I ended it with a treat when I bought Reese's Peanut Butter bells to sent to my Kinders in Deutschland. I also got dark hot cocoa and a Reese's tree, which I ate with 2 clementines. And Kate made delicious yummy roasted butternut squash with apples and garlic, which she kindly let me eat. Number 5 bajillion why she's the best. 

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