Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Johanna's Story of the Day

Yesterday when we were playing, Johanna came up with this story on the spot.

My name was Anna Sophie, I was in 2nd grade, and all of a sudden I had a sister named Angelina who was dead.
as told by Johanna:
She was shot. By the police. The ones that ride on horses. But wait, she's alive again! She has to go to the hospital really fast. We better call an ambulance. "Hello? The sister is dead. She needs an ambulance. She was shot. But we didn't do it!" Don't worry, they've already been driving for half an hour. They'll be here right away!
They shot her in the head so she had a hole but it's not there anymore. She also lost her thumb. But they found a new one. Now she's all better!

I'm sure there was more. That child has the craziest imagination. She comes up with these kind of things all the time and she's only 3!

In other news, Philippa has been announcing to the world when she farts. She'll stop what she's doing, give a little grin and say "Pups!" She even told me when Greta farted. "Pups! Greta!"
She calls me Zizzie and it's the greatest thing ever. She says it so funny.

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